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Luxury Beauty Mirror Booth

Great For Any Event

Do you want a must-have feature at your event? Wedding, Corporate, Christening or Party, we can provide. Our uniquely designed Luxury Beauty Mirror Booth is exactly what you need. Our Luxury  Beauty Mirror Booths extravagant design has the capability to fit perfectly into a themed event, whether that be a roaring 20’s theme Wedding or a Harry Potter party. With a selection of pillowcase backdrops to suit your event, this will surely be a great add to your event.

Fabulous Appearance

As well as its fabulous appearance, the booth uses a quick and simple software which produces quality prints in seconds, allowing your guests time to enjoy every part of your party, including the buffet. Whilst waiting for prints, guests can engage in some fun competitive games such as “pong” and “tic tac toe”. This enjoyable feature can also be programmed for guests to use before they have their photo taken as just a bit of extra help to get their smile ready for their photo. Guests also have the chance to get their creative juices flowing and add that extra bit of personalisation to their photo with our customisation feature which gives guests the opportunity to add emojis, sign and draw on their photo. Once guests have had their photo taken, they are also given the chance to share their photos with themselves just by simply filling in their email address. Their photos will then be sent to them as an animated GIF for them to share their fun online with friends and family.

Uniqueness In Design

As we only use top of the range equipment, our DSLR camera and studio flash ensure your photos are at the highest quality available and produce the most amazing images. Its open feature allows our DSLR camera to take a range of photos; singles, couples and even your annual family photograph. When set up, the beauty mirror is 69” high and 38” wide. Its uniqueness in design allows it to fit in with any event but be impossible to miss.

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