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Selfie Wizard

See The Unseen

Do you ever feel like you always miss most things that happen at your party or event? Well we have a way to allow you to see the unseen. Fells Fotos would like to introduce our exciting new addition, The Selfie Wizard. This extra to your event allows guests to fully interact with all their photos from the day. Guest are able to upload selfies, photos and messages to a constantly playing slideshow on our large TV screen for all family and friends to see. Here at Fells Fotos we love to see memories being made and special moments being captured. This is why not only do we allow guests to share their memory with everyone attending your event, but they also have the opportunity to print their photo off for their own keepsake. Why have only one photographer at your wedding when you can make everyone of your guests a photographer?

Getting your photos on display on our unmissable display screen has never been easier. All your guests have to do is snap a shot on their phones,connect to our personal Wi-Fi and click a button. Yes that is correct, your guests can upload their photos with just one click of a button, you cant get much more simpler than that.

Photographers For The Night

What’s even better is the photos don’t have to be from the same night. If you are at a wedding, guest are able to upload photos from the Hen party, Stag do or the Engagement for all to see. Just imagine all of these being on display throughout your night, getting to see the embarrassing ‘dad’ dancing or even younger guests up to no good.

Once your event is over and all your guests are worn out from being photographers for the night, we will hand over your guest book (if you’ve had prints) and simply be out your way, quietly, within minutes. We will then do the rest of the work behind the scenes. This means hours of creating slideshow videos which we will then post to you on a USB. So, once you have recovered from your antics from the night, you will be able to relive your event once more from the comfort of your own home, maybe with a cup of tea.

How It Works


Your guests connect to our designated WiFi network


Your guests enters the designated upload page and selects their selfies to upload


The selfies they have selected are instantly loaded on to our large TV screen and displayed as a slideshow


If you choose to have prints the selfies are automatically printed so guests can collect from the printing station

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