Selfie Post Box

Secure PostBox

If your looking for something different to our Photo Booths or Luxury Beauty Mirror, maybe you are thinking of having a smaller intimate wedding, but still want to capture those fun, special and memorable moments of your family and friends being there. Then then Selfie Post Box is for you. It combines a photo booth and a secure place for your guests to post your cards. As you guests post your cards in the Selfie Post Box an animated screen will ask them to take a selfie or a few to create a Gif. The images will then be put in to a personalised template which they can email to themselves then upload to their favourite social media channels.


What you get

  • Unlimited visits to the photo booth

  • Personalised start screen

  • Secure post box for your cards

  • Personalised message or logo on prints

  • Choice of images, videos or gif's

  • Images on a USB

  • Images put to a musical slideshow

  • Web gallery with all images on, password protected

  • Phone app for 3 weeks with 50 images

  • Nationwide delivery, all postage paid​

  • No attendant required

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